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Excursion Umbilicals (Saturation Diving)

Cortland’s range of diver excursion umbilicals for saturation diving bells offers excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility. Designed to suit all end uses, these lightweight umbilicals are easy to handle and store.

Purpose-built hoses and cables (DCS range) are twisted up into “rope like” constructions to provide all communications, video, and power requirements. Our DCS0001 comms cable offers an inherent fibre strength braid as the umbilical “lifeline”. Choose from optional overbraids, with either factory fitted or retrofitted stockings, for the ultimate protection.

Various hose end fittings, electrical connectors, and mechanical terminations, including "D”-rings and shackles, are available to suit your specific requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Constructed with Cortland purpose built (saturation) diving hoses
  • High abrasion and fatigue resistance
  • Some gas hoses are suitable for high purity 100% Oxygen / Nitrox end use
  • Custom-built and extremely flexible
  • Lightweight with balanced load distribution
  • Rope-like construction for easy handling and storage
  • Colour coding for different services
  • Choice of communications, video and power cables for DCS range

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Marine phosphor bronze hose end fittings
  • Mechanical terminators
  • Overbraid covers for extra protection


  • Excursions from saturation diving bells
  • Others hazardous area breathing systems

We tailor solutions to your specific requirements. Call us today or request a custom quotation.