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Aerostat Tethers

A great deal of responsibility is entrusted in an aerostat tether. It must secure the balloon, reliably carry all signals within the cabling, and transfer data constantly in real-time. Cortland’s aerostat tethers are specifically designed for dynamic applications, offering small diameter and high-strength while minimizing weight and drag. 

Cortland solutions can be used for a wide range of applications. We have provided custom-engineered aerostat tow ropes and tendons using high-performance PBO fibres and have supplied durable strength members for high-altitude balloons. Cortland also supplied all aerostat tethers for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games where tethered surveillance balloons became a key asset in monitoring the safety and security of crowds.

Electrical and optical signal, electrical power, and mechanical strength can be custom-designed into a suitable cable package. Lightweight but exceptionally strong and developed to the highest tolerances, Cortland tethers are a trusted solution for a wide range of applications.