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Cortland is a trusted provider of tethers
for aerostat and aerospace

Aerostat and Aerospace Solutions

Cortland’s aerostat tethers have been field tested in the most demanding environments around the world and by the most sensitive customers. Applicable to a wide variety of roles ranging from strategic, security, surveillance or meteorological use, we custom-design and engineer solutions to meet customers’ requirements. We have developed tethers for commercial surveillance systems and aerostats up to 420,000 cubic feet and have even delivered tethers at more than 10,000 meters / 6 miles in length.

When the US military requires high-performance tethers, Cortland delivers the essential equipment it needs. We supply tethers that aid with Persistent Threat Detection Systems (PTDS), providing long range intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communication assistance. 

All of our aerostat and aerospace products can be custom configured to client specifications, meeting strength, weight, diameter, and durability requirements. Our solutions provide the perfect combination of power and signal as well as choice of optical fibres and material stiffness, delivering reliable, yet lightweight and exceptionally strong tethers to customers around the globe.