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LEAD for World Class Performance

Plan - Do - Check - ActOne of the major goals in the business strategy of Cortland is to be a world class organization. We utilize our LEAD system to continuously improve the value that we deliver to our customers. While LEAD stands for Lean Enterprise Across Disciplines, it is more than this. LEAD is the way we do business! It is about continuous improvement in everything we do — being better, faster, more innovative and smarter than our competitors in all aspects of our business.

LEAD deploys a variety of resources, methods, and tools to improve Cortland’s systems and leadership, as well as to provide sustainable continuous improvement for our business processes. We apply LEAD to solve inefficiency problems to save our customers time and money. By sharing information and aligning our goals with our customer’s goals from the beginning, we can develop the most efficient, repeatable process for manufacturing and distribution. Once that process is installed, Cortland utilizes continuous improvement methods to make sure optimal results are achieved. Standardizing processes and tasks, investigating problems, finding alternative solutions, and implementing those solutions as quickly as possible are all LEAD principles Cortland applies to make sure our clients get the results they desire.

Cortland’s facilities promote smooth workflow because our employees are focused on driving waste out of all aspects of our business. With total quality management systems in place, process issues are easier to identify and thus quicker to correct. Cortland is continuously analyzing production results to identify even more opportunities for improving product quality and efficiency. From eliminating bottlenecks to managing capacity, Cortland is able to reduce development times through standardization. We are committed to the success of our client’s products and to meeting their goals.

Cortland also achieves cost-reducing efficiencies in inventory management through LEAD. Applying lean principles and leveraging strong supplier relationships permits Cortland to optimize raw material quantities and meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

We are proud of our commitment to drive LEAD throughout Cortland; we strive to offer the best achievable cost, quality, delivery and satisfaction for our clients. When you need world class performance, trust Cortland.