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Company Highlights


  • Designed and manufactured the rope system that allowed the successful deployment of the Mars Rover from Pathfinder on the surface of Mars
  • When Honeywell first introduced their ultra high-strength Spectra® fiber, Cortland started a research program to determine how to best manufacture ropes using this unique fiber. As a result of information gained from this research, Cortland developed an exclusive patented process to improve the rope's translational efficiency giving it higher strength, lower stretch, and better abrasion resistance, known as the PLASMA® Patented Process.
  • Cortland, in conjunction with Odim AS, developed the first successful full Active Heave Compensated deep water rope traction winch combination used by Sub Sea 7 on the Independence hub to deploy equipment into 2,700 meters of water.
  • Mindful of the growing need for large diameter synthetic fiber ropes in deepwater applications, Cortland offers the world’s largest 12 strand braiding equipment, capable of manufacturing ropes up to 22 inches in circumference with strengths in excess of 4,000,000 pounds.
  • Cortland patented the 12x12 Rope Construction of Puget Sound Rope, which addresses the most critical properties of high modulus, high strength fibers such as Spectra® and Plasma® enhanced Spectra®, providing a stronger, more durable rope that is easy to inspect and can be quickly spliced using standard 12 strand splices.