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Who We Are

Simply stated, Technology and Innovation blended

BOBDriven by innovative thinking and problem solving, we custom engineer and manufacture innovative solutions for critical applications.

As a developer and manufacturer of high performance rope solutions that set marketplace standards, Cortland has long been recognized for its unique ability to custom engineer technically-superior solutions for the heavy marine, offshore oil and gas, aerospace, military and seismic industries. Beyond that, however, our mission has been to focus on markets that require highly-engineered solutions for ever-changing demands.

Our success is based on close and continued interaction with our customers, applying engineering expertise, and delivering complete customer support. Safeguarding our customers’ intellectual property is our most important contribution. Our culture of confidentiality ensures that all information shared between us and our clients is protected from the very first meeting to final delivery. Strict adherence to information sensitivity means that our customers have the confidence to fully engage with our engineering team to develop unique textile solutions.

By understanding the different issues that our customers are trying to solve, it allows us to create a very good solution for their application.  We tailor solutions to your requirements; call us today, or request a custom quotation.